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5 Ways PrettyLitter
Will Make You Forget
You Have a Litter Box

Cat parents don't just want an effective cat litter, they want something convenient. Enter PrettyLitter- the lightweight, odorless cat litter that's delivered right to your door.

Number 1

Never Smell Your Cat's
Dirty Business Again

Silica gel crystal absorbing liquid

PrettyLitter is odorless and scentless. When in contact with urine, it traps the odor and eliminates the moisture. With silica gel crystals and no fragrance additives, PrettyLitter is safer for cats too.

Number 2

Change Your Litter Less
Often and Save Money





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Average Monthly Price of Subscription Litter

Did you also know that households with one cat spend, on average, $24 a month on litter? Multi-cat households can spend up to $60 a month for litter. PrettyLitter, on average, costs less per month and can save you money on potential vet bills through early detection.

Number 3

Easy to Carry,
Lightweight Litter

Hand pouring PrettyLitter into litter box

The average litter box needs to be refilled every 2 days, and as a result, a single-cat household can go through 20 pounds of clay litter in a month. PrettyLitter absorbs and then eliminates moisture, which means you do not need to keep replenishing your litter throughout the month. A single 6 pound bag lasts you an entire month.

Try PrettyLitter
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Number 4

Delivered to Your
Doorstep, Every Month

Man holding cat with PrettyLitter box being delivered

No more last-minute trips to the grocery store or hauling heavy boxes of litter home - PrettyLitter delivers every month to your doorstep with free shipping and weighs up to 80% less than traditional litter.

Number 5

Easily Keep Tabs on
Your Cat's Health

Pretty Litter Color Change





Cat’s are notorious for hiding illnesses, so it's often hard to tell if they are sick or in pain. PrettyLitter's color-changing litter will let you know if your cat is experiencing a potential health issue before urgent medical care is needed, saving you money, stress and potentially your cat’s life.

Feline Curious?

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