7 Reasons to Switch to A Crystal
Cat Litter

Thinking about switching from traditional cat litter to crystal litter but not sure what the difference even is? Not to worry—we’ll break it down for you. To start, clay-based litter gets soggy, crusts over, and ultimately produces a gray dust, which may un-tidy your otherwise tidy house. Cat litter crystals, on the other hand, don’t clump, making it easier to scoop out any solids. Sounding good? Read on to learn why more people are making the switch.

It’s Great for Odor Control

1. It’s Great for Odor Control

Crystal litters like PrettyLitter are odorless and scentless. When the litter comes into contact with urine, it first traps and then eliminates moisture and odor, so the tray doesn’t need to be emptied as often.

2. It’s Extremely Absorbent

Need an easier way to clean your litter box? PrettyLitter’s highly absorbent crystals have microscopic pores that soak in moisture and trap all — meaning one bag can last all month.

It’s Extremely Absorbent
It’s Better for the Environment

3. It’s Better for the Environment

Only having to change cat litter once a month means a lower carbon footprint: think fewer trips to the grocery store or fewer deliveries (if you’re using a subscription service like PrettyLitter). Plus, with less cat litter used, less energy is ultimately expended in production.

4. It Won’t Require Heavy Lifting

A 30-day supply of clay cat litter can weigh more than twice as much as a 30-day supply of crystal cat litter. If you don’t want to carry heavy objects (or simply aren’t able to) it makes sense to choose a lighter-weight option.

It Won’t Require Heavy Lifting
It Doesn’t Contain Harmful Sealants

5. It Doesn’t Contain Harmful Sealants

Traditional litter often contains sodium bentonite, a sealant that expands when it comes into contact with moisture. It’s easy to get onto your cat’s paws, and once she steps out of the litter box to lick them, that clay can expand within her digestive tract.

6. It Won’t Cause Breathing Problems

PrettyLitter uses naturally occurring ingredients that are safe for cats, even when they breathe or ingest it. What’s more, if you or your cat have asthma or a similar condition, you’ll appreciate the fact that crystal litter produces virtually zero dust.

It Won’t Cause Breathing Problems
It’s Formulated for Feliness

7. It’s Formulated for Feliness

Despite what you may have heard, the silica gels found in many crystal litters are not poisonous. They’re actually made from sodium silicate, a naturally occurring mineral that soaks up moisture like a sponge.

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