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The World's Smartest Cat Litter

What Makes PrettyLitter the
Best Pick for Cat Parents?

Silica gel crystal absorbing liquid

Unparalleled Odor Control

PrettyLitter’s silica gel crystal litter absorbs moisture like a champ and dehydrates waste. The millions of tiny little pores within the crystals trap odor and keep it away from your nose and your home.

Scientist with PrettyLitter and color indicator spots

Health Monitoring Tech

PrettyLitter changes color to warn you of potential health problems in your cat including UTIs, bladder inflammation, metabolic acidosis, and even more serious issues.

No matter how close your bond is with your cat, unfortunately they can’t tell us what’s wrong, but PrettyLitter’s crystals can help with that line of communication!

Hand holding sand

Less Dust and Mess

Unlike the litter you’re using now, PrettyLitter produces virtually no dust. And unlike traditional clay litter, it isn’t made from the same stuff as pond sealant. Gross!

Hand holding minerals

Made with Clean,
Effective Minerals

Silicon dioxide is commonly found out in nature as quartz and in many living organisms. Silica gel is non toxic and inert (think inertia: no movement and lifeless). This means it’s household friendly and safe for your cat!

Hand pouring PrettyLitter into litter box

Ultra Lightweight

No heavy lifting required with this bag. The silica material that makes up the magical crystals may be mighty when fighting odors, but it’s up to 80% lighter than clay litter making it a breeze to handle when changing out Felix’s litter box. Yessss.

Man holding cat with PrettyLitter box being delivered

Delivered Directly
to Your Door

It can be a hassle to remember exactly when to change the litter, and an even bigger hassle to lug a big bag of litter home. Don’t sweat it! PrettyLitter will appear on your doorstep at the perfect time for renewed odor control.

Try PrettyLitter Today
and See What You’ve
Been Missing Out On!

Veterinarian Seal
of Approval

Veterinarian approval

“Most owners don’t realize their cats are coping with an illness unless the disease has significantly progressed making treatment more difficult. That’s why I’m so excited about PrettyLitter.” Dr. DeWire, Veterinarian Pfizer Clinical Achievement Award for Excellence in Veterinary Medicine