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30-Day Odor Seal Guarantee 30-Day Odor Seal Guarantee

Two cats are sitting next to PrettyLitter
How do I Use PrettyLitter?
How many bags of PrettyLitter do I need?
What size box is PrettyLitter designed for?
What if my cat is bigger than a medium sized cat?

If You’re Still Experiencing
Issues with Odor Control...

PrettyLitter is an advanced innovative litter that requires the reading of instructions and correct usage to be effective. Instructions on how to use PrettyLitter can be found on the bag itself and in our FAQs.  PrettyLitter will not refund orders based on incorrect usage of the product or a cat not acclimating to a new litter. Most cats will accept a new litter outright and the small rest typically require a transition through the mixing of old litter and new litter.

Additional tips can be found in our FAQs.

Risk-Free Offer is for PrettyLitter from Target only and is limited to one offer per household. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, call (800) 838-3381 within 30 days of purchase to request a refund. You will be required to ship back any remaining unopened product within 7 days of the refund request. PrettyLitter will provide a shipping label for your return upon refund request. Your order will be refunded to the payment method used for purchase within 7 business days of receiving your return.