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Smell Ya Later, Litter!

5 Reasons Your Nose Will Thank You for Using PrettyLitter

You love your cat, but safe to say you don’t LOVE getting a noseful of the litter box.

It’s Extremely Absorbent

1. Millions of Tiny Pores Trap Odor

A lot of magic goes into PrettyLitter, but one secret that will blow you away is that the crystals have millions of little microscopic pockets that store all the stink. With more places to go instead of into the air of your home, relentless cat box smells are a thing of the past!

It’s Great for Odor Control

2. Odor Control 24/7

PrettyLitter dehydrates waste from the moment your cat finishes her business. By eliminating moisture, smell particles don’t float into the air, so your home stays fresh and breezy even if the AC fails you.

It’s Better for the Environment

3. No Fragrances Needed

PrettyLitter is not only pretty, but the crystals themselves are odorless and scentless! Most litters, like clay litter, attempt to mask the smell with added fragrances, but PrettyLitter locks in the odor, so no lavender needed here. When you open your bag of PrettyLitter, you won’t notice anything except how lightweight it is and how few times you’ve needed to refill your kitty’s litter box!

It Won’t Require Heavy Lifting

4. Refill Only Once a Month

With the millions of pores that evaporate liquid waste, you won’t need to top off or switch out the litter very often, and you won’t smell the litter box even when you haven’t had a chance to scoop. And, when you need more litter, a trip to the store is not needed because PrettyLitter comes straight to your door so that the freshness never fades!

It Won’t Require Heavy Lifting

5. Stir-activated Freshness

Keeping PrettyLitter in a cool and dry area will certainly help your litter fight smells longer. But, to truly maximize odor control and really take advantage of these super absorbent, super pleasing-to-look-at silica gels, you can reactivate the crystals by stirring them up! Small moves like mixing and sifting the crystals daily will keep your cat box fresh longer.

Sniff out the difference today and save 20% off your first order of PrettyLitter with code FRESH20.