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3 Reasons to Upgrade
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  • PrettyLitter Odor Free
  • PrettyLitter Lightweight
  • PrettyLitter Health Monitoring
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Why is PrettyLitter

Silica gel crystal

Advanced Odor Control

Our super absorbent silica gel litter eliminates smells.


Up to 80% Lighter

Stop hauling a giant bag of litter home from the store.

Heart monitor

Health Monitoring

Color-changing formula helps alert you to potential health concerns.

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Over 15,000
Five-Star Reviews

Cat Avatar

“Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough!”

Denise A.
  • Health Monitoring
Cat Avatar

“My cats immediately started using it and seem to like it! It’s so much more lightweight and less dusty than my previous litter. Love it!”

Lauren B.
  • Odorless
  • Dust-Free
Cat Avatar

“Litter is great!! No odor, no spread and so easy to manage!”

Nancy R.
  • Odorless
  • Convenient

PrettyLitter vs
the Competition

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Pawsome Customers

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How It Works

PrettyLitter changes color to tell you when your cat has a potential health issue, so you can get them help before it becomes an urgent medical situation. This could save you big money on expensive vet bills, not to mention it could save your cat's life.

PrettyLitter Color Change
  • Dark Yellow / Olive Green Typical

    Dark yellow/olive green indicates urine within the typical range.

  • Orange Acidity

    Orange may indicate metabolic acidosis or kidney tubular acidosis.

  • Blue Alkaline

    Blue may indicate certain types of urinary tract infections or increased risk of stone formation.

  • Red Blood

    Red may indicate bladder crystals, urinary tract infections, or certain types of kidney disease.

PrettyLitter Color Change
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Veterinarian Seal
of Approval

Dr. DeWire, Veterinarian

“Most owners don’t realize their cats are coping with an illness unless the disease has significantly progressed making treatment more difficult. That’s why I’m so excited about PrettyLitter.”

Dr. DeWire, Veterinarian

Pfizer Clinical Achievement Award for
Excellence in Veterinary Medicine
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