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March 16, 2021 |0 min read |Veterinarian Reviewed

What is the Best Kitty Litter Subscription Service?

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In a world of online shopping, 2-day delivery, and subscriptions galore, choosing the best cat litter subscription is on the top of every cat parent’s list. Gone are the days of having to lug around heavy bags of litter from the store into your home or running out of litter at the most inconvenient times. Instead, people are opting for a delivery service that delivers the perfect amount of litter, right when you need it. 

But what is the best kitty litter subscription service, and what should you look for when choosing one? Let’s look at how to find the best kitty litter subscription service and share some of the main benefits of this convenience. 

What to Look for in a Kitty Litter Subscription Service

There are a few options on the market for cat litter subscription services and there are a few things you should consider before picking the best cat litter subscription. Here are the factors to research as a cat parent:


Subscription services are extremely convenient, but you also need to be able to cancel, pause, or change the frequency of your shipments. Here at Pretty Litter, we make it easy to do all of these things and more. Have too much litter? Skip a month or two! Need a new bag fast? We can do that too. Flexibility is key when setting up subscriptions. 


Of course, price matters when choosing a kitty litter subscription service. Consider if a company charges shipping, in addition to the cost of the litter. When setting up a subscription, some companies also offer discounts on other items, such as cat food, cat’s litter box, scoops, and more. 

The Amount of Litter

One of the most convenient things about a kitty litter subscription service is that you have the right amount of litter, right when you need it. But, depending on your needs, you might need more or less litter delivered on your schedule. Households with multiple cats (and multiple litterboxes) will need more bags of litter or more bags more frequently. At Pretty Litter, you can specify how much litter you need to be delivered and how often. You can also easily change the quantity or frequency of your shipments. 

The Quality of the Litter

While kitty litter subscription services are convenient, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice convenience for quality. There are many subscription options that offer high-quality litter at you convenience, but you may want to try a bag or two before you commit to a subscription to make sure you are getting both high-quality, odor control litter and convenient shipments. 

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The Best Kitty Litter Subscription Service 

When looking at the points above, Pretty Litter reigns supreme as the best kitty litter subscription service because it’s convenient and the quality of litter is unmatched. One of the best things about Pretty Litter (besides the fact that it can save your cat’s life) is that it is delivered right to your doorstep. Our crystal litter is already lightweight, but we save you a trip to the store and having to carry around bags of litter from the store to your home. Instead, just step outside and say hello to clean, fresh litter for your kitty. 

Still wondering if a kitty litter subscription service is right for you? Let’s discuss some of the main benefits of this convenient option!

4 Benefits of Using a Kitty Litter Subscription Service 

We have subscriptions for everything, from skincare to makeup brands to home decor. So why not have a subscription for your cat litter, too? There are many benefits of using a kitty litter subscription service. Here are a few!

Save Time

One of the best benefits of using a kitty litter subscription service is that it saves you time! You don’t have to spend time going to the store, picking out your litter, carrying it into the car, carrying it into your house, and storing it. Shopping for litter every month surprisingly takes a lot of time!

With a kitty litter subscription service like Pretty Litter, your litter is delivered directly to your doorstep. All you have to do is unpack it and pour it into the litterbox. Plus, because we send enough litter to last a month, you don’t have to spend time figuring out how much to use or when you’ll need a new bag. Instead, just replace the litter every month with your scheduled shipment. 

Save Money

In addition to saving time, you will also save money with a kitty litter subscription service. Most subscription services will give you a discount if you sign up for recurring delivery. For example, Pretty Litter offers almost 10% off when you sign up for a subscription with 2 or more bags (which is perfect for multiple cat households). These “subscribe and save” options are growing in popularity. 

Never Run Out of Litter 

There are few things worse than needing to clean the litter box and realizing that you don’t have any litter left in the closet. What is your four-legged friend supposed to do, suffer with a dirty litter box?

Rather than having to run off to the store for a last-minute litter buy, having a kitty litter subscription service ensures this never happens because you have the perfect amount of litter delivered every month. 

Never Have Too Much Litter

Likewise, kitty litter subscriptions are also nice when you have too much litter. You can easily pause your subscription, skip a month, adjust the frequency, or adjust the amount of litter you get each shipment. While we make it easy to time your shipments and receive the correct amount every month, we understand that things change and sometimes you need to adjust your account. 

Should You Use a Kitty Litter Subscription Service or a Recurring Shipment From a Retailer?

There is no denying the convenience of a kitty litter subscription service, and there are some main differences between using a dedicated litter brand and setting up a recurring shipment from a retailer like Chewy, Amazon, or Petco. 

We suggest using a litter service because delivering the perfect amount of litter at the perfect time is what they are best at. At Pretty Litter, our customer service team can help you decide how much litter you need and how often based on your needs and how many cats you have. Plus, if you need to make any changes, we’re around!

Ready to Set Up Your Kitty Litter Subscription Service?

As you can see, having a kitty litter subscription service is the most convenient thing you can do for yourself and your cat. With automatic shipments and perfectly portioned amounts of litter, your kitty will always have a clean cat litter box to go. No more searching coupons for kitty litter, these subscriptions can save you time, money, and hassle.






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