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September 20, 2018 |4 min read

The Benefits of Low Dust Cat Litter

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How much time goes into choosing the right kitty litter? There's clumping litter , non- clumping litter, low dust, natural litter like wood-based and more. 

PrettyLitter’s unique crystal kitty litter produces a minimal amount of dust. But why is this so important? And why, as consumers, are we encouraged to go for the dust-free kitty litter, rather than the other options?

Low Dust Cat Litter Is Better for People with Allergies

It’s important to look at the best litter option for your cat, and what’s best for your family. If you or your family suffer from nasal allergies, you may find that anything that produces large amounts of dust can be an irritant. A dusty cat litter tray is no exception.

In summer, your home is often your haven from pollen and other outdoor allergens. It’s pretty stressful if you come home to a dusty environment that leaves you sneezing just as much as being outdoors does!

By reducing the presence of cat litter dust, you are also helping to minimize irritation and allergens that can potentially cause harm to your kitty.

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Low Dust Cat Litter Is Kinder to Your Cat's Lungs

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Did you know that even indoor cats can suffer from asthma, just like humans? We've talked about protecting your family’s noses from nasty allergens, but Asthma is when the airways to the lungs become very inflamed, so as you can imagine. For both humans and cats, choosing the best cat litter for allergies can contribute to a low dust, clean environment that will help manage the condition and keep the whole family happy and healthy.

Some cats, such as the Himalayan and Siamese breeds, are genetically predisposed to asthma. But all cats can be affected. It's well documented that The less cat litter dust produced, the better the chance 

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Low Dust Cat Litter Is Cleaner

This point seems pretty obvious; less dust means a cleaner home! Not just because of the dust floating around the atmosphere though. When cats visit the litter pan, the cat’s paws pick up the dust and track a fine layer of dust (and possibly other nasties) all around your home. The dustier the cat litter, the more your carpets and furniture are getting a new and unwanted coating from even a fairly tidy cat.


Crystal litter such as PrettyLitter silica gel litter helps minimize a mess like this, because there are no huge clay clumps to scrape out, it’s low dust and cleaning the litter pan using a variety of cat litter box cleaning hacks is a breeze tooso it's kinder to your back!

Low dust cat litter is the way forward for your precious cats and your family, especially if you own multiple cats. 


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Christina Scamporrino is a lifelong animal lover and began working in the petcare space in 2019. Christina’s passion for the community of feline owners and enthusiasts have led her to designing premium packaging for PrettyLitter cat litter, PrettyPlease dry food, wet food, and treats, and a litter box designed to solve common litter box issues.

Outside of her professional work in the petcare space, Christina is a longtime kitten foster and has worked with several cat rescues throughout Southern California. When given the option, she favors orange cats, but loves all cats equally.


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