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January 6, 2021 |7 min read

New Years Resolutions for Your Cat

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Get your feline friend starting this new year off right by putting their best paw forward! Read on for some clever cat resolutions...

Look, we all do it. We set expectations for the New Year and we stick to it for a couple of weeks, maybe even a couple of months, and then we kinda just forget about it. That’s why in 2021 we’re not setting unrealistic expectations for ourselves. We’re setting fun and totally doable expectations for ourselves and our cat. 

Here are 8 fun and totally paw-sible resolutions you can set this new year. 

1. Self Care

Yes, you read that right. Self care is not just for humans. In fact, we humans can learn a thing or two from our cats. Take a look at your cat right now. What are they doing? Licking themselves? Self care. Sunbathing by the window? Self care. Zooming from one side of the room to the other destroying everything in their path? Exercise, which is, you guessed it, self care. Sleeping a deep and adorable slumber in a comfy bed? Rest is essential and they know it! Our cats are pros at doing what they want and need to do. If you want some extra self care bonus points, take your cat to the vet for a check up if it’s been a while. 

2. Learn a New Trick

2021 can be the year that your cat goes viral on TikTok. It’s a known fact that the internet loves cats. And the best part is, they barely have to do anything to win the love and approval of millions all over the world. Now imagine if your pet jumped through a hoop, or hopped into your lap when you called their name, or did a backflip! The potential for virality is limitless. Lucky for you we have tips on how to train your cat!

3. Play More, Ruin Less

You’ve likely sacrificed one (or many) piece(s) of furniture for your cat’s happiness. But maybe this is the year we stand up to our cats’ claws...by showering them with toys and a new scratch post. That’ll show ‘em! If your cat has dedicated their claws to a specific corner of your couch, try getting a new scratching post and placing it near that couch. They’ll be intrigued by the new toy and give the couch a break. You’ll get your furniture back, and they still get to scratch the night away. It’s a win-win! 

4. Try New Foods

Spice things up this year! But not literally, because cats can’t do spices (except for catnip). Every once in a while we humans get to treat ourselves to our favorite meal. Maybe it’s lobster, a nice crème brûlée, or fancy cheeses. Why not let our cats indulge a bit too? Although cats can't partake in all the same human foods as us, there is a surprisingly long list of human foods that our cats can try! So don’t be afraid to treat ‘em to a little blueberry or salmon on a special occasion! Check out our list of human foods that are safe for your cat!  

5. Take More Photos

This one ties in very nicely with learning a new trick. Studies show that cat owners who post photos of their cats on social media are 50% more likable (don’t fact check this).  

Some fun cat photoshoot ideas to inspire you could be: matching sweaters, wrapping your cat up like a burrito, putting a human hat on your cat, your cat helping you with the New York Times crossword, your next holiday card... The possibilities are endless. So get out there and create with your kitty!

6. Go on an Adventure 

As a pet parent, getting your cat to explore a new space can be tough. So we don’t necessarily recommend scooping your cat up, putting them in a backpack, and heading towards the sunset. However, if you take it slow, it’s very possible to get your cat comfortable with new environments! Plenty of people have done it (including the writer of this blog). If you’ve got a curious cat that loves staring out windows, maybe leash training is in their future! Start with tiny baby steps before eventually introducing them to playtime outdoors. Then you can happily skip towards the sunset together!  

7. #FitnessGoals 

We are not in the business of losing or gaining weight. We are in the business of dancing, prancing, and general comradery with our cats. So yes, maybe you have the goal of being able to do a pull-up, handstand, or even a split. But you know what’s better than being able to do a split? Getting a good cat stretch in with your cat by your side. The next time you roll out that yoga mat, welcome your cat with open paws. Maybe even see if they’re willing to balance on your back while you do a push-up. And the next time your cat has the zoomies, take advantage of that energy and dance around with them to your favorite record! Moving your body doesn’t have to be boring or lonely! So shake off that 2020 energy and dance, prance, twirl that feather wand, and zoom around with your cat this new year! 

8. Fix Your Litter Sitch

Since it’s just us cat people...we can admit that cat litter has been a bain-of-loving-cats since the introduction of the indoor litter box. Thankfully, we don’t have to stay stuck in the dark doldrums of a dusty dank litter box in the year 2021! Praises be. PrettyLitter has been developed by cat lovers to make the litter box less of a chore, and with the help of veterinarians, this litter product actually indicates potential changes in our cats’ health (by changing colors!). PrettyLitter can help you tell if your cat has a UTI, or even help determine why your cat is not eating. PrettyLitter delivers right to the door of your home, and once inside you can experience what it’s like to lose that ‘litter box smell’. We’ve been through enough and it’s fair to say we’ve earned treating ourselves to a litter that is nice to our nose and pleasant on our cats’ paws! 

2020 was full of surprises, but we’re sending out good vibes and paw-sitive energy towards the coming year. We hope this list inspires you to have a little fun with your resolutions. We’re purr-etty sure it’s gonna be a magical year!


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