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December 1, 2020 |7 min read

Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers

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Wondering what to get your favorite kitty pet owner this holiday season? Read on to discover our best gifts for cat lovers!

Times are tough! And gift giving can be stressful. One of the best things you can do this holiday season is be practical with your gift giving! If you can afford it, treat yourself and your loved ones to some practical gifts for cat owners! Here are just a few purrfect gift ideas for cats and cat lovers that are all relatively cheap (and pretty)! 

Lint Roller 


Yeah we said it, a lint roller! A lint roller is one of those things that when you get it, you think to yourself, “Why haven’t I already been using this?!” 

Of course cat owners can use it, but honestly, you don’t need a cat to truly appreciate this gift. And if you want a list within a list (list-ception) of the kinds of people that would appreciate this gift, we got you. 

  • People that love to wear black with a white cat 
  • People that love to wear white with a black cat 
  • Actually, anyone that wears clothes 
  • Anyone that enjoys white sheets
  • People that have cats in spite of their cat allergies 

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Heated Blanket


If you’re looking for a way to elevate your Netflix and chill night with your feline friend, this is the way to do it. 

Or maybe you’re the type of cat parent that has to bribe your furry friend with cat treats to sit on your lap for movie night. If so, this method just might be the trick to get them to curl up with you. And if you’re giving this as a gift to a new cat owner, it might be nice to gift it with a bag of cat treats to encourage cuddle training! (which is definitely a thing). 

If you’re lucky to have a cat that enjoys sitting in your lap, then you are too blessed to be stressed, and this gift is just a bonus for you and your feline friend. 

Plus, we all know someone who lives in a constant state of “is anyone else cold?” if you don’t have that friend, maybe *dun dun dun*, you are that friend. No shame in gifting this to yourself. 

Cat Backpack

Ok, so this may seem a little out there, but if you sense that your cat is a curious fella, and you’re up for the challenge, it could be a fun adventure for the whole fam. 

Not only is a cat backpack a pretty cool way to take your cat to the vet, but if you’re the type of cat lover that enjoys a stroll through the park, this could be a safe way to let your cat enjoy the views too! 

Keep in mind, it’s not as easy as stuffing your cat in a backpack and heading out the door. Make sure you get the right size for your cat. And train them to be comfortable inside of it before bringing them outside.

PrettyLitter Perks! 

Alright now, what kind of cat blog would this be if it didn't include a few of PrettyLitter’s own merch. If you’re a part of PrettyInsiders facebook group, you can see for yourself that cats and their humans go wild for these cat toy gifts. 

Keep in mind, these toys are a perk of being a PrettyLitter subscriber. So if you opt in to getting cat litter conveniently delivered to your door monthly, you also get access to these toys! 


What is a cat without a mouse? Who was Tom if not for his Jerry? And what is your indoor cat going to sniff up, kick around, and nibble on if not for their mouse toy?

This one is pretty, dare we say it, basic (but oh so necessary) for a cat to have. Did we mention it’s full of catnip? A mouse cat toy full of catnip is a staple item to have for all cat owners. Catnip like PrettyPlease from PrettyLitter is the perfect addition.

This is especially a good gift for a new cat owner who might be so overwhelmed with buying all of the essentials, that they forget to think of the entertainment. Check out our blog on catnip to read about the benefits of catnip!  

I Heart Cat Pillow 


Say it with us: Self 👏 care 👏 is 👏 important 👏 for 👏 cats 👏 too! 

This one is just cute. This cat sized pillow will give your kitty a place to rest their head, in their cat bed, then leap! Because once again, this toy is full of catnip. 

Catnip toys are great because not only can they keep your cat busy and give them a distraction from their next mischievous endeavour, but it can reduce your cat’s anxiety. Test it out! Give your cat a little sprinkle of catnip, or their favorite catnip pillow to see if it puts them at ease. If it does, it could be a great pre-veterinary routine.  

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This is also a staple item every cat and pet owner should get their paws on. It’s also perfect for exhausted cat owners (which is all of us at some point). The great part about owning a cat wand, is that you can just sit there holding it, and your cat thinks you’re a magician at the Magic Castle. We love an activity that requires minimal movement on the cat mom’s side. Don’t worry, your cat still loves you just as much, we promise.

These gifts for cat lovers are guaranteed to level up your cat’s comfort and entertainment. We hope this sparks some ideas for you this holiday season! And remember, it’s the thought that counts, which is why we’re going the practical route this season. 

Whatever holiday you’re celebrating, we hope you stay feline festive! 


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Christina Scamporrino is a lifelong animal lover and began working in the petcare space in 2019. Christina’s passion for the community of feline owners and enthusiasts have led her to designing premium packaging for PrettyLitter cat litter, PrettyPlease dry food, wet food, and treats, and a litter box designed to solve common litter box issues.

Outside of her professional work in the petcare space, Christina is a longtime kitten foster and has worked with several cat rescues throughout Southern California. When given the option, she favors orange cats, but loves all cats equally.



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