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October 25, 2018 |5 min read

Natural Supurreroes: The True Story of Cats' Incredible Senses

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So you've probably heard that cats are pretty much impossible to kill. What with the nine lives, the ability to leap off skyscrapers while landing daintily on their tippy toes without so much as chipping a claw, or the all knowing side eye that may or may not be plotting your imminent death at any moment, nature has endowed cats with a host of super powers that will probably guarantee that they will eventually take over and rule the earth.

5 Impressive Cat Senses/Super Powers to Admire and Fear

Cats may milk their reputation as aloof, low key, emotionally independent domestic pets, but don't let your guard down just yet. These talented, stealthy, and sophisticated beasts can go claw to claw with some of nature's and magic's most wily and formidable animal warriors - and win. Here are just a few of their (known) super senses and powers.

Supersonic Hearing

Cat ears
According to Animal Planet, cats don't really have ears so much as finely tuned satellites on either side of their head that can pick up frequencies so high as to make their human and canine counterparts seem deaf. Not only can they pick up sound vibrations at an astonishing 100,000 hertz, but their outer ear can rotate as much as 180 degrees, guaranteeing that if a mouse so much as farts in a field five or six miles away, the cat will just know.

LOL What Gravity?

And that's just the outer ear. Ever wonder how a cat can be lying prone across your laptop's keyboard one moment, only to shoot out like a projectile from a rocket without warning onto the top of the refrigerator the next? (Hint: it's all in the creepily advanced, science fiction robot-like ears.) A cat's inner ear is an engineering marvel so sophisticated and precise that it makes a human's ability to walk and sit upright seem like nothing more than the contrived movements of a ventriloquist dummy. A network of millions of tiny hairs, crystals, and fluid in the inner ear gives cats an unparalleled sense of balance and spacial acuity, making it possible for the perceived ability to fly and course correct mid-fall.

Night (Vision) Stalker

Cat eyes
Forget night vision goggles. If you ever find yourself in a war zone or nighttime hunting expedition, just leash up the cat and let it be your eyes. From wider peripheral vision to larger corneas, a cat's eyes at night are like a stealthy roaming set of flashlights attached to creepily sensitive satellites (remember the ears?)

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Caveat: The Human Eyeball Advantage

For all their tricks and super powers, cats are practically colorblind and nearsighted. So if you need to gain the advantage, the way to outsmart them is to don a plaid jumpsuit and get right up in their face.

Wily Whiskers

Cat whiskers
So you thought whiskers were just for decorative purposes, like a cat beard? Think again. Cat whiskers are actually a set of antenna that allow them to gauge dimensions and space, like whether the crack between you and the bathroom door is large enough for them to squeeze in through, your privacy and dignity be damned. And if you're thinking of trimming them for your own advantage - they're already one step ahead of you. There's an extra set behind their front legs for good measure.

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Tell Us What You Know

Have you tangled with or stared down a super stealthy feline and lived to tell the tale? Is your cat hiding some potentially incriminating secrets or living a double life? Share your experiences or get some answers in the comments section!


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Christina Scamporrino is a lifelong animal lover and began working in the petcare space in 2019. Christina’s passion for the community of feline owners and enthusiasts have led her to designing premium packaging for PrettyLitter cat litter, PrettyPlease dry food, wet food, and treats, and a litter box designed to solve common litter box issues.

Outside of her professional work in the petcare space, Christina is a longtime kitten foster and has worked with several cat rescues throughout Southern California. When given the option, she favors orange cats, but loves all cats equally.