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February 3, 2023 |4 min read |Veterinarian Reviewed

Cat Litter Crystals: The Facts

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Aside from clumping litter, clay litter, and silica litter, there's also crystal cat litter. If you've been wondering what crystal litter is, you're not alone. Many people puzzle over the best cat litter to buy for their feline companions, because they just don't have all the facts. Are cat litter crystals safe? Do they have better odor control? How do cat litter crystals compare to clay-based litter? What about wood-based litter? Let's learn some cat litter crystals facts today.

Cat Litter Crystals: The Tidy Option

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Clay cat litter clumps and produces grey dust, which your kitty can track all over your lovely, clean home. Pine litter, in pellet form, often leads to scattered messes when your cat burrows or kicks it around. When exposed to moisture, pine litter also transforms into a challenging mush to clean.

On the other hand, silica gel litters (crystal cat litters) reign supreme in cleanliness. It is a non-clumping litter, making solid waste removal a breeze. The absorbent nature of silica gel litter provides excellent odor control, reducing frequent litter box changes and minimizing your daily chores. Unlike its traditional clay litter counterpart, crystal cat litter is a 99% dust free cat litter that doesn't track that helps keep your home cleaner and tidier.

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Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter: The Safer Option

crystal litter with scooper

Crystal litter provides an added benefit by significantly reducing the production of silica dust, making it an ideal option for cat owners with allergies. It can also even prevent cats from developing asthma, and is certainly easier on the lungs of those animals who already have asthma.

Crystal cat litter is non-toxic and has no such clumping or expanding chemicals. Clay litter is supposed to make it easier to scoop, but those chemicals can actually be harmful to your cat. This is because your cat licks their paws after a visit to the litter tray, and the clay dust they lick off can expand in their tummies and intestines. As a responsible cat owner, you can have peace of mind knowing that your cat is safe from ingesting silica crystal litter

Silica gel crystal litters are also exceptionally lightweight. This not only makes them convenient for your cat, but also reduces strain on your back and knees during litter box maintenance.

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Silica Cat Litter: The Greener Option

crystal cat litter

Caring for our environment is an essential responsibility and it is important to acknowledge the unavoidable and necessary consumables, such as kitty litter. Maintaining a fresh litter box is crucial for our kitties’ health and cleanliness, but do we need to be changing it every few days?  

While Pine pellet cat litter may last a bit longer before needing a change and is considered a greener option sourced from wood industry by-products, silica crystal litter takes the lead in performance. With its long-lasting freshness and superior odor control, silica cat litter is the standout choice.

Cat litter crystals could be the future of cat litter; cleaner and better for your cat. Switch to PrettyLitter today to experience the benefits of lightweight silica gel crystal litters, making litter box maintenance easier and more comfortable for both you and your cat. Please give us your views in the comments!



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Christina Scamporrino is a lifelong animal lover and began working in the petcare space in 2019. Christina’s passion for the community of feline owners and enthusiasts have led her to designing premium packaging for PrettyLitter cat litter, PrettyPlease dry food, wet food, and treats, and a litter box designed to solve common litter box issues.

Outside of her professional work in the petcare space, Christina is a longtime kitten foster and has worked with several cat rescues throughout Southern California. When given the option, she favors orange cats, but loves all cats equally.


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