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August 27, 2018 |5 min read

6 Reasons You'll Love a Chartreux Cat

Chartreux cats have a unique look and a legendary reputation. When you choose this breed you'll be getting an interesting animal that can provide you with years of close companionship. There are six great reasons why you'll love a Chartreux Cat.

1. Chartreux Cats are a Relatively New Breed in America

Chartreux cats are originally from Europe and only recently were brought to the United States. Helen Gamon, from California, brought back two of these special cats from Paris, France in 1970. By 1987 the Chartreux breed had received championship status in the Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA). The Chartreux is still considered the National cat of France. This particular cat is considered rare since it can be difficult to find this specific breed.

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2. Chartreux Cats have Interesting Personalities

These incredible cats have a face shape that causes them to appear to be smiling. Chartreux cats don't meow as often or in the same way as most other cats. They have a reputation for being silent, yet still very communicative. The Chartreux cat is an intelligent creature with lightning fast reflexes, which makes them especially fun to watch. According to Petfinder, Chartreux cats have fun, playful personalities. They even have a sense of humor. If you keep your cat's routine similar on a daily basis you'll almost certainly have an obedient, cheerful companion.

3. Chartreux Cats are Easy to Groom

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Their hair is soft, gorgeous and medium in length. While the Chartreux cat's grooming needs are considered to be moderate, they do need to be brushed on a daily basis to avoid getting knots. This is especially important when the seasons are changing since the coat may become thinner or thicker. A bath would generally not be necessary. If you do decide to bathe your cat, remember that it may take a while to get the water resistant coat wet. It's important to brush teeth and trim nails every few weeks to keep your cat in top condition.

4. Chartreux Cats have a Rich History

Various documentation has shown that Chartreux cats have been around since at least the 16th century, and possibly even earlier. The Cat Fanciers' Association states that they may have been named after the Carthusian monks in France who actively bred them. During World War II, the breed was almost extinguished but was carefully brought back to prominence by determined breeders. Chartreux cats have a reputation for being sought after by political elites and royalty. Former French president Charles de Gaulle reportedly was the owner of a Chartreux cat.

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5. Chartreux Cats are Friendly

These cats are very lovable and loyal. They make great family pets and can become attached to their human owners very quickly. Chartreux cats are gentle and often make a great addition to a family with children. They even exhibit some dog-like traits that include following you throughout the house and sometimes playing fetch. Many Chartreux cats will maintain their desire to play even once they've reached their senior years.

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6. Chartreux Cats are Beautiful!



Chartreux Cats are chic, elegant and have several exquisite features. Their eyes are large, round and turn slightly upward at the outside corners. These cats are muscular and tend to be a bit larger than the typical house cat. The preferred eye shade by breeders is a beautiful shade of copper. Their blue-gray coloring, with sometimes a silvery sheen along the edges, makes the Chartreux cat an exceptionally gorgeous animal!

If you decide that a Chartreux cat is exactly what you're looking for it's important to remember the males will normally grow larger than the females and both take three to four years to reach their full size. If you do bring one home you'll be sure to have a wonderful companion that is as interesting as it is beautiful!


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