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Tired of Your Home Smelling Like You Have a Cat?

PrettyLitter offers best in class odor control and health monitoring, delivered right to your door.

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Odor Control

Refresh Your Litter Situation

PrettyLitter traps odor and eliminates moisture, so you’ll never smell your cat’s dirty business again.
  • Odor Control Odorless Crystals

    Porous crystals absorb scent and moisture to keep their litter box tidy and your home smelling fresh.

  • Health Monitoring Health Monitoring

    Our litter helps monitor your cat’s urine for abnormal acidity and alkalinity, changing color when activated.

  • Lightweight & Hassle-Free Lightweight & Hassle-Free

    Each bag weighs up to 80% lighter than traditional litter and lasts up to a month.

  • Virtually Dust-Free Virtually Dust-Free

    Crystal litter naturally cuts down on dust compared to clay cat litter.

Refresh Your Litter Situation
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